8th Note Jailbreak – Ebook

8th Note Jailbreak – Ebook




By Patrick Marsepoil (Introduction by Nate Brown) — This 33 page ebook isn’t meant to deny the significance (nor the importance) of eighth note drum beats. We have to be able to play them, and we have to be good at them. However, a problem arises when they’re the only types of beats that we can really nail. Being locked into the eighth-note jail isn’t a good thing. It’s constrictive and limits our potential.


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SAMPLE PREVIEW: 8th Note Jailbreak Sample Preview (PDF)

If you’re like most drummers, you’ve probably gravitated toward playing drum beats that feature steady eighth notes on the hi-hat or ride. That’s understandable. The first beats most of us learned to play were eighth note grooves. Beginner books feature mainly eighth note beats. In fact, a majority of rock and pop songs rely heavily on eighth note beats. They’re everywhere!

The goal of this book is to make you as comfortable with non-eighth-note beats as you currently are with eighth-note beats. In sections A and B, Patrick introduces you to nine linear patterns. These patterns are placed in different combinations throughout each exercise. Section C introduces advanced non-linear exercises.