Creative Boxes – Ebook (Bonus: Accompanying Video)

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Creative Boxes – Ebook (Bonus: Accompanying Video)


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By Andy Ziker – Because artists mindlessly copy and paste the latest hit-making programmed beats into their DAW sessions, current pop sounds more homogenous than ever. Luckily for the listening audience, a revolution is underway. Music bloggers, playlist curators, TikTokers, and YouTubers have changed the tide as they seek to promote innovative and unique songwriting. Since drum parts often lays the foundation for song construction, the ability to use new approaches is suddenly immensely valuable.

This book offers a pathway for drummers, producers, songwriters, DJs, and beatmakers to expand their groove palette. By limiting your options (putting yourself in a creative box), you gain a better understanding of what your options are. Each page includes a creative box or ostinato (repetitive pattern) followed by six examples of how these can be altered. Additionally, space is provided at the bottom of each page (and more at the end of the book) to create your own examples in workbook fashion. Creative Boxes also helps drummers develop their technique, independence, rhythmic understanding, sound-driven decision-making, dynamics, and accuracy. The guide is perfect as a supplement, but also functions well as a primary learning tool. The accompanying video covers each exercise in the pages ahead.


“This book will make YOU a more creative drummer! Each page starts with a foundational idea. Andy demonstrates multiple variations based upon the basic pattern. Once we see how he creates his variations, we are now ready to create our own variations in the provided space. Not only is this book educational, it’s also fun. I highly recommend it!”

~Alan Schechner (Author of The Art of Transcribing)


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