Eighths And Sixteenths – Snare Solo

Eighths And Sixteenths – Snare Solo

This piece is designed to be used as sight reading practice and uses only combinations of quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes (and rests).


The further you get in the solo, the more difficult the reading becomes. Please note that the tempo marking indicates “any tempo.” Start it slowly to see how far you can make it through while sight reading. The further you get the better.

As you become comfortable with it, test out your hands (and brain) by trying to play it at faster tempos.

NEXT STEP: My good friend Dawn Richardson has a great ebook available for instant download titled, “Rhythm Reader.” It’s full of similar practice rhythms to what are used in this solo but also explores triplets and syncopation extensively … including playalong audio MP3s of every rhythm in the book. I encourage you to check it out (free video demonstration on link).


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