Song Requests

Our song request service is currently full. No additional requests can be taken at this time.

To Get A Song Transcribed:

Can’t find the drum sheet music you’re looking for? We offer top quality song transcriptions at your request. Now, we can offer you every song that you desire!*

1. Send Your Request

Send an email to including the name of the song you would like drum sheet music for.

2. Receive Your Price Quote ($89 Starting Price)

You will receive a price quote starting at $89. More advanced or longer songs that require considerably more time to complete will be priced higher.

3. Confirm, Pay & Get Your Music

Reply with a “Yes, I want it!” Your song will be transcribed and the top quality transcription will be sent via email. Fast and simple!


*Special Notes:
Please remember that you are paying for a service. Costs are higher than if you were purchasing sheet music because you are paying for the time it takes to personally transcribe the song.

Transcriptions of obscure songs, unofficial recordings or live performances may not be accepted for the transcription service.