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Teardrop – Massive Attack

Teardrop is the UK based trip-hoppers most famous song to date. It featured as the second single from their critically acclaimed album, Mezzanine (1988).

Drum Fill – 16th Notes & Flams

In this week's lesson we have got a great little drum fill that consists of flams and solid 16th notes, subdivided into two groups of 6 and a single group of 4 played around the kit. Enjoy.

16th Note Groove On The Snare

In this weeks lesson we have got a cool sounding groove using single stroke 16th notes played on the snare with some nice accents being played with an open hi-hat and a kick to spice it up a bit. Enjoy

Rock Beat On The Toms

In this weeks lesson we have got a nice and simple rock/pop tom groove idea using single stroke 16th notes. Start off by learning the pattern between the kick snare and hi hat, before we orchestrate the idea around the kit.

Tom Groove – 16th Notes

This week, Alex brings us a basic 16th note pattern that sounds great when orchestrated around the kit. Have fun!

Linear Drum Fill Idea

In this weeks lesson I have put together a fun linear sticking pattern that works really well as a two measure 16th note, or a single measure 32nd note fill.

4 Bars Of Fun – 4 Groove Ideas – 16th Notes

In this weeks lesson we have a go at a collection of drum beats using various 16th note single stroke between the hats and the snare with some basic downbeats on the kick drum. We can then play all the ideas as a 4 bar loop and move it on to the toms.

4 Bars Of Fun – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchester's video drum lesson laying down 4 slick groove ideas.

Fast Drum Fill In The Style Of Travis Barker – All Abilities!

In this weeks lesson we have a go at a cracking drum fill idea in the style of Travis Barker. It is a simple 2 measure 16th note drum fill or a single bar of 32nd note single stoke rolls. The great thing about these kind of fill are that once you learn the voicing it is a lot of fun to test your hand speed.

Another Kind Of Herta – Drum Fill

This is a great drum fill idea that uses a 'herta' sticking pattern. It is a 16th note followed by two 32nd notes followed by another 16th note. L rlr L rlr L rlr L rlr LRLL. It sounds awesome when played around the kit using the toms. It also works well, when played between the snare, hats and kick drum in a drum n bass style context. Either way.... have some fun coming up with your own ideas with it

Quick Kicks And Ghost Note Beats – Beginners & Intermediate

Here are 3 simple grooves that will help develop some crucial skills for any drummer who has recently picked the sticks. The first groove focuses on a quick kick drums, the second looks at ghost notes and the third just sounds cool. Give this vid a thumbs up if you want more lessons of this nature - ideas for aspiring drummers.

A Cool Sounding Drum Fill For All Abilities To Enjoy

This is a great little fill idea that drummers of all abilities to have a bit of fun with. Hope you enjoy!

Steve Gadd – Linear Drum Beat

This is a Steve Gadd style linear rhythm with some 32nd note double chucked in there for an extra challenge! I found this a real tricky beat to get the hang of and I am still learning it to this day. The key to getting this one sounding half decent is to concentrate on getting the dynamics of the snare drum down. You have to be quite delicate with the ghost notes or the groove wont sound quite right. Once you are confortable with the pattern, try moving the right hand around the toms for slight variations too.

Creating Your Own Fills

This is a simple concept that is great for creating your own drum fills. In this video we use 3 different sticking patterns A is R,Kick,R,Kick B is R,L,R,Kick and C is R,L,R,L. Each of these patterns are in 16ths and we are randomly piecing them together to create a cool fill. This is a great idea for beginners to start introducing the Kick drum into 16th note drum licks. As always feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Creating Your Own Fills – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchester's video drum lesson titled "Creating Your Own Fills."