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Steve Gadd Inspired Drum Beat

Inspired by Steve Gadd's unique drumming style, this lesson explores a sweet two-measure groove with some 32nd-note double stroke combinations between the hands and feet.

Slick 32nd Note Drum Lick

This lesson explores a linear, 32nd-note drum fill for intermediate to advanced drummers.

A Quick, Fun Linear Drum Lick

Combining 32nd notes and 16th notes, in this lesson we'll create a fun, linear drum fill great for any level of player.


Learn an advanced, linear drum beat/fill idea inspired by the amazing Steve Gadd.

Cool 2 Bar Rock, Pop and Hip Hop Groove

For this week's lesson we have got a cool 2 bar groove. The focus will be on the 'a' of beat 2 in which we bring the left hand up to an open hi hat with the kick and we have a little burst of 32nd notes on the '&' of beat 4.

F.T.B. – Robert Glasper – Beat

This microscopically complex beat played by Damion Reid, sets the tone for Robert Glasper's tune "F.T.B." It features rapid 32nd note paradiddle-diddles played between the hi-hat and snare (beginning on the 'e' of beats 2 and 4). Meanwhile, the bass drum anchors the feel – sounding on beats 1 and 3. The drum part evolves organically throughout the piece while maintaining a relaxed vibe.

Rock’n Linear Drum Fill!

In this week's lesson we have a crack at an awesome sounding linear rock drum fill using a combination of 16th and 32nd notes around the kit. Its a fun one!

Rock’n Linear Drum Fill! – PDF

This rockin' drum fill sounds great and is a lot of fun to play. Be sure to watch the accompanying video drum lesson.

An Over The Top Drum Fill

For this week's lesson we have got a fun 2 measure drum fill as 16th notes or a tough single measure 32nd note lick.

“In Yo Face” Drum Fill

This week, Alex lays down a monster 32nd note drum fill. Be sure to watch the accompanying video drum lesson.

Steve Gadd Inspired Drum Lick

In this week's lesson we have got a Steve Gadd inspired drum lick with a paradiddle style sticking pattern.

Steve Gadd Inspired Drum Lick PDF

This sheet accompanies Alex Ribchester's lesson video sharing a few Steve Gadd inspired drum grooves.

Cool Beat Using The Ride & Hi Hat

In this week's lesson we have got a sweet linear(ish) drum beat between the bell of the ride cymbal and the hi hat.

Advanced Linear(ish) Drum Beat

In this week's lesson we have got a rather tricky linear(ish) drum beat. The groove is made up of some swift 32nd note doubles, some single stroke 32nd notes and some dynamic orchestrations. Its in 4/4 and is a fun little challenge for any drummer to have a go at.

Advanced Linear(ish) Drum Beat – PDF

Alex shares a more advanced linear(ish) groove for you to play this week. Be sure to check out his accompanying video drum lesson.