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Piano Man – Billy Joel

Piano Man, Billy Joel's signature song, was the singer's first single and his most popular song of all time. Although the drums appear low in the mix, drummer Ron Tutt plays a very dynamic and creative part. In this post, we will compare three of the beats used in the song and how the placement of the snare changes the feel.

Accenting the Middle Note in Compound Meter

In compound meters*, the middle-note in each set of three notes is often neglected—overshadowed by the outer notes. In this beat, the middle note is featured, echoing the dotted-quarter-note pulse.

Epic 12/8 (or 6/8) Drum Beat & Drum Fill For Beginners & Intermediates

For this week's drum lesson we have got a cracking 12/8 groove and fill for beginner to intermediate level players. The faster you play it the harder it becomes. However, this combo of beat and lick will sound great at almost any tempo.

Terminator – Themes

The soundtrack for the movie franchise 'The Terminator' has seen several incarnations over the last 30 years. In this article, we will compare the core rhythms used in sequels to the original theme.

Iris – Goo Goo Dolls – Chorus

Learn the first chorus grooves and fills from the late 90s hit Iris by Goo Goo Dolls.

Iris – Chorus Excerpt

Enjoy a free excerpt from the first chorus of the song Iris by Goo Goo Dolls.

How To Play Toxicity – Chorus

In this lesson, learn a couple 6/8 drum fills and grooves from the song Toxicity by System Of A Down.

Toxicity’s 6/8 Time

This sheet accompanies Nate Brown's video lesson teaching a couple fills and grooves from Toxicity by System Of A Down.

Classic 6/8 Fills – Tuesday’s Gone – Lynryd Skynryd

This week's Jammit Tuesday lesson walks through some classic 6/8 fills from Lynryd Skynryd's Tuesday's Gone. This song has a lot of great 6/8 fill examples.

Bad To The Bone – George Thorogood

In this lesson sponsored by Jammit, learn the main groove for Bad To The Bone as well as some drum fills in 6/8 used to drive the song.

Clave 6/8 Over 8th Notes

Patrick brings out the claves in 6/8 over 8th notes on the hi-hat in this week's exercise. Be sure to check out PATRICK'S BOOK.

Toms In 6/8 – Danny Carey Style

This weeks lesson I have put together a nice little groove on the toms in 6/8 (or 12/8... depends how you want to think about it.). It is simple to begin with, but as we add more layers it becomes more difficult, but a bit more lively.

Toms In 6/8 -Danny Carey Style – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchester's video drum lesson laying out a Tool-style 6/8 tom groove.

6/8 Rock Grooves

In this lesson Nate Brown lays down some foundational 6/8 rock grooves and then shares some alternative hand patterns to embellish the grooves.

6/8 Rock Grooves – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Nate Browns video drum lesson on 6/8 rock grooves and additional hand patterns to embellish them.