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Snare Based Grooves

These grooves use the snare drum to carry the beat. Accents, rimshots, and diddle strokes add dynamics and articulation to bring the grooves to life.

Every Third Sixteenth

Each of the fills below share a basic, accented sixteenth-note pattern. Accents are played every third sixteenth note. In fills 1 through 3, the accents begin on beat 1. Fills 4 through 6 begin the accent pattern on the "&" of beat 1.

Three Levels of Dynamics with Castle on the Hill

Learn the main tom groove used in the chorus of Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran.

Accenting the Middle Note in Compound Meter

In compound meters*, the middle-note in each set of three notes is often neglected—overshadowed by the outer notes. In this beat, the middle note is featured, echoing the dotted-quarter-note pulse.

Pompeii – Bastille – Pre-Chorus

This rhythm is featured in the pre-chorus sections of Bastille's 2013 hit, Pompeii.

Another Fun 32nd Note Drum Fill

For this week's lesson, we have got a cool 32nd note drum fill comprised of two sweet licks. The fist pattern is an idea I got from a gospel chops video, followed by another cool solid 16th note idea.

Accents On The Hi Hat Workout

In this week's lesson we have got a nice little exercise for those of you looking to practice and play accents on the hi hat. We will start off with a basic 16th note drum beat and shift the accent along by a single 16th note every other bar. This is a great way for training your weaker hand to play dynamically and independently.

Accents On The Hi Hat Workout – PDF

Alex brings us some accented hi-hat patterns to put a little spice on your sixteenth-note hi-hat beats. Be sure to check out the accompanying video lesson for video explanations and samples.

16th Note Groove On The Snare

In this weeks lesson we have got a cool sounding groove using single stroke 16th notes played on the snare with some nice accents being played with an open hi-hat and a kick to spice it up a bit. Enjoy

Go-four – Snare Solo

This snare drum solo gives your sixteenth-note and eighth-note patterns a workout with an emphasis on dynamics to bring this piece to life.

How To Play Pompeii by Bastille

This lesson accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson teaching an excerpt from Steve Ley's full drum sheet music for Pompeii – Bastille. Learn the second pre chorus's very recognizable drum part, including some great Bo Diddley snare grooves.

Pompeii – Pre-Chorus Excerpt

This sheet excerpt accompanies Nate Brown's video lesson teaching the pre-chorus in the hit Pompeii. Also learn some ways to explore this groove around the kit.

32nd Note Drum Fill Idea

In this week's lesson we have got a tough 32nd note drum fill for intermediate and advanced players. The fill consists of lots of ghosted double strokes, heavy accents and some quick kick drums. It works well with most 4/4 grooves and sounds great when played at a fast tempo.

Accented Patterns Make Cool Drum Fills

This lesson explores some ways to expand basic accented patterns to create colorful drum fills.

Single Strokes & Accents – Beat and Fill Ideas

In this weeks lesson we have got a sweet 16th note drum fill or groove idea using single strokes around the kit and on the hi hat. With the use of some well placed accents and ghost notes you can turn a simple pattern in to a really effective, fun drum fill or beat. Enjoy