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Overkill – Motörhead

Overkill is the title track on Motörhead's second album (1979). The song is notable for drummer Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor's relentless sixteenth-note double bass ostinato which inspired a generation of hard rock and metal drummers.

Hot For Teacher – Van Halen – Shuffle

This 4-measure (repeated) section is heard at the tail end of Alex Van Halen's famous drum intro – right before his guitarist brother, Eddie, joins in at 0:22.

Down with the Sickness – Disturbed

Drummer, Mike Wengren, kicks off this fan-favourite with a killer tribal beat which utilizes all four limbs.

Which Voicing #8 – Angel of Death Drum Break – Slayer

Dave Lombardo's drum break preceding the final chorus in Slayer's 'Angel of Death' is one of the most revered moments in heavy metal music (4:23). 6 evenly spaced flams were played on the toms – over a rapid 16th note roll with the bass drums. The two-measure lead in has been included to give the fill context. Which voicing do you prefer?

How To Play Fast – Advanced Double Bass Techniques

Want to play single strokes with your feet at warp speed? Eugene R. talks about the mindset needed to achieve your speed goals, then demonstrates some techniques that helped him achieve hummingbird feet.

Gavin Harrison – Spicing Up Your Fills with Double Bass

Gavin demonstrates a simple approach to spicing up fills using a double bass drum pedal.

All About That Double Bass

This lesson outlines the most common double bass patterns that you will encounter. Practicing these patterns will help you tackle many of the double bass grooves/fills you will encounter down the road.

The Most Common Double Bass Patterns – PDF

This sheet music accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson demonstrating the most common double bass drum patterns along with some drum fill applications.

Double Bass Bursts

This lesson explores some explosive fills using the sixteenth notes on the double bass while crashing around the kit on the same strokes. Adding a kick brings power to the high cut of the crashes. This technique is perhaps popularized by Mike Mangini, who you'll find using this technique often.

Double Bass Bursts – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson exploring explosive double bass fills, Mike Mangini style.

Four-Stroke Ruff – Double Bass Fill – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson examining the four-stroke ruff played simultaneously on the feet and hands to create some cool fills.

Panic Attack – Dream Theater

This week's drum lesson sponsored by Jammit rocks a couple double bass grooves from the song Panic Attack by Dream Theater, as well as some cool applications of the techniques.

Technical Difficulties – Racer X – Intro Groove

This week's Jammit.com lesson walks through the up-tempo tom groove from the intro of Technical Difficulties by Racer X.

Low Tomming The Hand Kick Kick

Nate Brown takes last week's hand kick kick pattern and applies it to some low tom ideas for a cool sounding groove.

Low Tomming The Hand Kick Kick – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson on tom applications of the hand kick pattern.