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Steve Gadd Inspired Drum Beat

Inspired by Steve Gadd's unique drumming style, this lesson explores a sweet two-measure groove with some 32nd-note double stroke combinations between the hands and feet.


Learn a great practice pad exercise to help build your double strokes in both hands.


Learn a funky little two-measure groove played between the kick and snare using single strokes, double strokes and accents. The lesson starts with the basic hand pattern before adding the kicks. We'll also explore some alternative ideas for playing the pattern including the hi-hat.

Advanced Linear(ish) Drum Beat

In this week's lesson we have got a rather tricky linear(ish) drum beat. The groove is made up of some swift 32nd note doubles, some single stroke 32nd notes and some dynamic orchestrations. Its in 4/4 and is a fun little challenge for any drummer to have a go at.

Applying Rudiments to the Drum Set – Part 2

Continuing with the rudiments on drum set series, Patrick shares some explosive, syncopated concepts for the double paradiddle and double-stroke roll.

Table of Time Application – Part 4 – Singles & Doubles

In this final part of Patrick's 4 part series, put your singles and doubles to work as you apply the table of time around the kit in creative ways.

Double Trouble – Snare Solo

This snare solo gives your double strokes a workout. Watch the sticking at measure 11 as the double stroke becomes inverted. Work out those doubles!

Practice Pad Workout – For Developing Hand Speed

In this weeks lesson we have got fun little workout for our hands on the practice pad. The aim is to improve hand speed and promote good technique with the fingers, while learning a cool pattern that will sound great when applied to the kit.

32nd Note Drum Fill Idea

In this week's lesson we have got a tough 32nd note drum fill for intermediate and advanced players. The fill consists of lots of ghosted double strokes, heavy accents and some quick kick drums. It works well with most 4/4 grooves and sounds great when played at a fast tempo.

Alex’s 32nd Note Drum Fill Ideas

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchester's video drum lesson laying down some slick 32nd note drum fills.

Weak Hand Workout Idea

In this week's lesson we have got a fun paradiddle style sticking pattern that works really well as a two measure 16th note drum fill or groove idea. The aim is to improve our weaker hand, as it will be playing a combination of double strokes, ghost notes and accents. Enjoy

Weak Hand Workout – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchester's video drum lesson laying out some weak-hand workouts.

Funky Sextuplet Sticking Ideas

In this weeks lesson we have a go some nice sextuplet sticking patterns to help us funk up our groove and drum fills. This also a fun way to practice our ghost notes and double strokes.

Double Stroke Pad Exercise

Drummer Todd Walker performing a lesson using a basic practice pad exercise with,"Double Strokes" within three note value. (Eighth Notes, Eighth Note Triplets & Sixteenths).

John Bonham Vs Steve Gadd – 2 Bar Groove

This weeks lesson I have put together a two bar groove... the first measure is a When The Levee Breaks' Bonham style groove, followed by a sweet paradiddle, 32nd note pattern in the style of Steve Gadd. These are two of my favourite drummers and I believe that this could be the sort of drum beat they would have put together if they had to write a 2 bar groove together. Enjoy!