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Slick, Two-Bar Drum Lick

This lesson builds upon the idea from last week, adding an extra bar of drum fill. This pattern consists of hertas, three-note groupings, and a nice four-note ender.

Quick, Slick Drum Lick

Learn a linear, single-measure drum fill made up of sixteenth notes and a fun sticking pattern.

Creating Drum Fills from Linear Beats

This lesson explores the sticking pattern from a few weeks ago. This time, we are orchestrating the idea around the toms in a drum fill context. This fill starts on the "&" of beat 4 and keeps you in the pocket, locked in with the rest of the band.

Monster Drum Fill

Learn an advanced two-measure sextuplet drum fill played between the kick, snare, hi-hat, and floor tom. The sticking pattern consists of a number of sixteenth-note triplet ideas that can be orchestrated or rearranged in a number of ways around the kit.

Quick Travis Barker Drum Lick

This week's lesson explores a quick drum fill in the style of Blink 182's stickman, Travis Barker. The fill can be played as either 16th notes (2 bars) or a single measure of 32nd notes.

Quick, Advanced Drum Fill

This lesson explores a slick single-measure drum lick consisting of sextuplets and sixteenth-note triplets orchestrated around the kit. Every beat uses a different sticking pattern between the hands and kick drum, with dynamics being the key to making this chop sound great.

Cool, Fun Drum Fill or Solo Idea

This lesson borrows the sticking pattern from the previous lesson, combining a number of paradiddle variations to create a drum n bass style groove. In this lesson, we use the sticking pattern to create a more conventional drum fill between the kick, ride and snare. You could also loop this pattern and combine it with other ideas in a drum solo context.

Six Punchy Short Fills

Short fills are perfect for light transitions or breaking up repeated bars of drum beats. If overused, they can become annoying and predictable. Used with purpose and judgement, short fills are a great addition to the song.

A Short But Sweet 32nd Note Drum Fill

Learn a short 32nd note drum fill over beats 1 & 2 and ending on beat 3 with a big fat snare hit. Beat 4 is rested. The idea is to create tension via a fast drum fill followed by a dramatic pause before returning to our groove.

Unique Crash Placements in “Down-the-Tom” Fills

Accenting the down-the-tom fills with crashes brings a new flavor to the classic fill technique. These four drum fill examples feature the bass drum along with each crash. The audio example plays each fill one time before moving on.

Five Essential Intermediate Drum Fills

This lesson explores five cracking drum fills, all of which have featured in some of the world's greatest rock tracks. Each of these sticking patterns include the kick drum, which is the main focus for these intermediate level drum licks.

Rock & Pop Drum Fill – Intermediate Level

Learn a two-measure drum fill for intermediate level drummers. The fill is meant to be played at high tempos in a rock or pop context. The pattern is predominantly between the kick, snare, and hi-hat with choked hi-hats occurring throughout.

Six Linear “Skeleton” Drum Fills

The term "Skeleton," in drumming, refers to drum parts that use only the snare, bass, and cymbals. In other words, no toms or other drums are used. If you see a drum kit with only snare, bass, and cymbals, you could call it a skeleton setup (or skeleton kit).

Twelve “Walking” Beats & Fills

The Walking foot pattern is a lot of fun to play and makes for a great drum solo concept. The term "walking" refers to the motion of your feet while playing the technique — right, left, right, left — like you're walking.

Six Choice Shuffle Drum Beats & Fills

Six shuffle beats and fills to satisfy any of your shuffle urges. The examples are arranged from simplest to most complex. Feel free to interchange the drum beats, and explore how each beat brings a different transition and feel to the drum fill.