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Foot Refrain Drum Fills & Solo Concept

These drum fills are played over a hi-hat and bass drum refrain, keeping the time and holding the fills together.

War Ensemble – Slayer – Drum Break

"War Ensemble" is the first track on Slayer's sixth studio album, Seasons in the Abyss (1990). Smack bang in the middle of the song (2:12), drummer Dave Lombardo plays a furious two-measure drum break leading into the bridge section (see and listen above). In this lesson, we will isolate the three phrases that comprise the drum break; analyze and practice each one slowly before putting it all together.

Funky Drummer – James Brown – Drum Break

Clyde Stubblefield's drum break in James Brown's "Funky Drummer" is one of the most instantly recognizable and popular funk grooves of all time. The eight measure drum feature has become one of the most sampled elements in hip hop and popular music.

Easy Lover – Phil Collins

Phil Collin's mid-eighties hit 'Easy Lover' kicks-off with an explosive 8-measure drum feature.

Roger Taylor Drum Solo – Explained

Learn the classic 8 bar drum break played by Roger Taylor in the song Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie.

Which Voicing #6 – Steam Will Rise – Drum Solo

This phrase was played at the beginning of the drum solo (3:04) over an eighth note pulse on the bass drum. Which voicing do you prefer?

Keith Carlock – Drum Solo – MD Festival 2005

Keith Carlock, known for his work with diverse acts including: Steely Dan, John Mayer, Chris Botti, Wayne Krantz and Toto; performs an impassioned improvised solo.

Dave Weckl – Performance Spotlight

Dave Weckl plays an inspiring solo infused with latin, jazz and funk elements (2012).

Steve Smith and Jojo Mayer – Drum Battle!

Steve Smith and Jojo Mayer are two INCREDIBLE drummers with very different styles. So, what happens when you put them together in front of the camera? Check it out for yourself!

I Burn For You – Sting feat. Omar Hakim

Omar Hakim took the roof off the concert hall with an intense drum solo on his first night with Sting's first solo project (1985).

Tony Royster Jr. – Drummer’s Odyssey

Tony tells the story of how his talent for drumming was noticed when he was only three years old. The drumming sections feature an interesting first-person camera angle.

Chris Coleman – Solo NAMM 2011

Chris Coleman improvises a dynamic solo in a compound meter. He regularly emphesizes the eighth note immediately following the primary pulse - not often heard in Western music.

Antonio Sanchez – Solo

Check out Antonio Sanchez's Afro/Jazz exploration! Sanchez performed the sound track for the film Bird Man (2015) on his drum set, unaccompanied. He blends elements of Jazz, Afro Cuban, Funk and Avant-garde seamlessly in his improvisations.

Steve Smith Melodic Solo – Tribute To Max Roach

Steve smith plays a masterful solo based on one of Max Roach’s famous drum set pieces. After listening, enjoy our free sheet music transcription of this solo.

Steve Smith Melodic Solo

Steve Smith's melodic solo is a tribute to Max Roach. This sheet provides the notation for the beginning portion of this solo.