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The Power of Dynamics

The term dynamics refers to how loudly or softly the music is played. Without changes in dynamics, music can sound dry or even robotic. This lesson is designed to show how greatly dynamics effect the feel of a drum beat.

Aaron Spears – Dynamics

Aaron Spears demonstrates how he adjusts his playing volume from 'stadium level' to 'small room' level without losing intensity.

Expressive Ride Cymbal Techniques

This week, we're running through some sample techniques from Andy Ziker's latest ebook, Funk Up Your Ride.

Expressive Ride Cymbal Techniques – PDF

This week, we take a look at some sample groove and concepts from Andy Ziker's latest ebook, Funk Up Your Snare.

Funk Up Your Ride – Ebook

You have to love the expressive quality of the hi-hat. However, youʼre really missing out if you havenʼt explored the limitless versatility and musicality of the ride cymbal. Funk Up Your Ride will entice you to get started down that road or open you up a whole new palette to draw from. The final section involves transcriptions of ride patterns from iconic drummers, including Stewart Copeland, Neil Peart, Bernard Purdie, and Ringo Starr.

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Don The Hat – Subtle Hi-Hat Dynamics

This lesson explores adding rhythmic layers to your grooves using subtle hi-hat dynamics. It's surprising how much a little dynamic control can improve the sound of your overall playing.

Don The Hat – Subtle Hi-Hat Dynamics – PDF

This sheet music accompanies Nate Brown's video lesson exploring layering drum beats with accents on the hi-hat.

Funk Up Your Snare – Ebook

The premise behind Funk Up Your Snare is rebellious in nature. If you want to sound like a robot, this book might not be for you. A natural, three-dimensional style is favored over a monotonous, stiff feel. However, the exercises here are also a means to an end. You will immediately notice an improvement in your left-hand control and accuracy and the way that you hear your beats in the overall context of the music. Ironically, in going down this path, you will also be better equipped to nail those lunch-pail, one dynamic backbeats demanded by your lead singer.

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Funk Up Your Snare – Example

This sheet introduces you to some of the concepts from Andy Ziker's ebook designed to bring your snare to life. Step outside of the box and put your snare's full range of sounds to use.

Back To Basics – Video #1 – Hi Hat Sounds

This is the beginning video of the Back to Basic series of videos created for onlinedrummer.com. Michael Klee has designed these videos to work with the beginner through advanced player by introducing concepts and techniques from a basic standpoint. For beginner players, it will help get a footing on what is needed to play the drumset. For advanced players, it will challenge them to redefine their playing and sound. Enjoy!

Expression With Accents

This lesson explores the technique of accenting to create more expressive grooves.
Snare Drum Workbook
Chart-Topping Drum Fills

Expression With Accents – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson exploring the technique of using accents to create more expressive beats.

Funky Drummer Style Drum Beat

In this weeks lesson we have a look at a cool sounding groove that sounds kind of like 'The Funky Drummer' groove. It has a different sticking, but shares a similar vibe and beat placement. Also got some nice dynamic work going on between the snare and hats. Enjoy.

How You Measure Up

This lesson explores gaining full control over your dynamics. Stick control is important to express the feel of the groove appropriately.

How You Measure Up – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson on gaining control of your dynamics.