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Six Ghostly Beats

Enjoy a collection of six drum beats using varying ghost stroke techniques to fill out the sound. After learning these, try adding ghost strokes to beats that already play. Note how the sound/feel of the groove changes.

Layering a Groove

Today's Tuesday beat takes a foundational groove and gradually add layers to fill out the groove.

Carlock-Esque Ghosted Drum Beat – Scary!

Inspired by the funky, syncopated, ghost-stroke snare patterns immortalized by Keith Carlock, this groove will keep things moving.


For this week's lesson we have got an advanced two measure groove that will help you improve you double stroke, kicks and ghost notes. The right hand plays quarter notes on the hi hat, crash etc while the kick and snare play combinations of 16th notes in a funk, metal, or rock context.

Cool Funky Hip Hop Drum Beat – Intermediate Drum Lesson #236

For this week's lesson we have got a tricky little groove with a hip hop vibe. We start off with a cool 4/4 beat with some nice ghost notes and then layer an alternative hi hat ostinato over the top.

Trailing Triplets – Why Worry – Dire Straits

'Why Worry' is the mid-album ballad on Dire Straits' double-grammy winning album, Brothers in Arms (1985). A shaker/wood-block maintain and color the time through the first two-thirds of the song, before Omar Hakim launches into the dynamic drum part in the concluding instrumental section (starting 6 minutes in).

Developing A Drum Beat – Beginner Up To Intermediate

For this week's lesson we start off with a nice beginner groove and over a number of phases, adding extra kicks and ghost notes, we develop it into a sweet intermediate level beat.

Another Fun 32nd Note Drum Fill

For this week's lesson, we have got a cool 32nd note drum fill comprised of two sweet licks. The fist pattern is an idea I got from a gospel chops video, followed by another cool solid 16th note idea.

Cool Ghost Note Workout Groove – Drum Lesson #221

For this week's lesson we have got a cool sounding half time groove with some linear elements. The aim of the groove is to help improve our ghost notes with the left hand and sound like a badass at the same time.

Techniques From I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Learn a technique used in I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. Plus, develop your three-level dynamics.

The Groove

We've all got that go-to beat that we play first every time we sit down at the kit. Here's my most recent go-to beat.

The Pad – Exercise 9: Ghosts

This weekend is Halloween. It's only fitting that this week's pad exercise focuses on ghost strokes.

Intermediate Drum Beat

In this week's lesson we have got a fun little beat with some ghost notes and displaced snare accents orchestrated around the kit using the ride, bell, toms and both feet. This is a fun example of how to develop a groove from the usual kick, snare and hi hat into something a little more interesting.

Intermediate Drum Beat – Lesson PDF

Alex presents a great groove for intermediate players including ghost strokes, hi-hat foot and ride bell patterns. Be sure to watch the accompanying video lesson.

Kick & Ghost Note Workout

In this week's lesson we have got a great little workout for anyone looking to strengthen their right foot and improve their left hand doubles and ghost notes. Each groove is made up of paradiddle variations between the right foot and the left hand played as 16th notes with 1/4 notes being played wit the right hand. This exercise also works well for improving you independence.