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Hi-Hat Technique – Steven Adler Style

This unique hi-hat technique is used by Steven Adler throughout the verses of the Guns N Roses hit Welcome to the Jungle.

21 Guns – Green Day – Chorus

"21 Guns" is an anti-war power-ballad by Green Day. It was nominated for two Grammys in 2010—in the categories of Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song.

Practice Your Hi-Hat Foot On The “E” and “Ah”

The last installment of the hi-hat foot exercises, Patrick whips out the "E" and "Ah" this week.

Practice Your Hi-Hat Foot On The Ah

This week, Patrick shares more hi-hat foot exercises, now with the hi-hats placed on the "ah."

Practice Your Hi-Hat Foot On The E

This week, Patrick brings us some hi-hat foot workouts with the hi-hat placed on the "e."
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Hi-Hat Foot Claves Over a Five Beat Groove

This week Patrick shares some five beat grooves over a hi-hat foot clave and other foot patterns.

Practice The Hi-Hat Foot – Part 3

Part 3 of Patricks lesson series on building hi-hat foot coordination.

Practice The Hi-Hat Foot – Part 2

Patrick shares Part 2 of this hi-hat foot practice series.

Basic Hi Hat Foot Pattern Exercises

Patrick shares some basic hi hat foot patterns for building hi hat foot independence in this weeks exercise.

A Cool Tom Groove & Fill (With A Bit Of Splash)

This is a cool idea for a drum fill or a groove played around the kit using sextuplets. It has you crossing your hands over each other, so it looks pretty sweet too. It has a clear pulse to it, so it also works great as a 4/4 groove. Finally we are going to add open and closed hi hats with the left foot as explained in Nate Brown's video lesson -'Make it Splash'.

A Cool Tom Groove & Fill (With a Bit of a Splash) – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchester's video lesson, A Cool Tom Groove & Fill.

Make It Splash

Learn a cool technique called "Splashing The Hi Hat." Add a new layer of sound to your grooves.

Make It Splash – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson. Learn a cool technique of splashing the hi hat.

Getting More From The Basics.

This is a funky little groove playing 16th notes between the hi hat and snare, with the bass drum landing on beat 1 and the '&' of beat 3. Notes played on the hats should be heavily accented to ensure that they cut through. The snare should be accented on the usual, beats 2 and 4. You can make it your own by playing more kick drums with open hi hats..... its quite fun.

Getting More From The Basics – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchester's video drum lesson titled "Getting More From The Basics."