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Fun Jazz Independence Exercises

Learn four patterns from Ted Reed's Progressive Steps to Syncopation.

Paradiddle 5-Stroke Lick

The sextuplet based lick heard in the second measure is based on the first five notes of a paradiddle. The lick is similar to the "Grandpa" hybrid rudiment, except that the first note of the group is not accented. Used in a slow/medium swing context, it generates powerful tension and release.

Antonio Sanchez – Solo

Check out Antonio Sanchez's Afro/Jazz exploration! Sanchez performed the sound track for the film Bird Man (2015) on his drum set, unaccompanied. He blends elements of Jazz, Afro Cuban, Funk and Avant-garde seamlessly in his improvisations.

Swing, Swing, Swing 2 – Ebook

The sequel to Swing, Swing, Swing, this ebook explores 216 additional swing grooves with swing, jazz and Afro-jazz applications.

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Bill Cosby – Jammed With Sonny Stitt

Comedian, Bill Cosby, shares the hilarious story of how his desire to be a jazz drummer was dashed after one jam session when he was thrown in the deep end.

Basic Jazz Beats

In this weeks lesson we have a go at a basic jazz exercise. This lesson is for drummers who are just starting out at learning a bit of jazz and this video looks at a cool 8 bar pattern I have put together to help with some basic independence and getting your first jazzy grooves down.

Basic Jazz Grooves

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchester's video drum lesson teaching some basic jazz grooves. It's good to have some jazz in your back pocket.

Love For Sale – Buddy Rich

This week's Jammit drum lesson covers some grooves and techniques from Buddy Rich's Love For Sale.

Todd Walker SLAMS Ed Shaughnessy

OnlineDrummer.com team member, Todd Walker, nails this piece as a tribute to the late great Ed Shaughnessy, whom he had the pleasure of studying with (and also the late great Russ Moy). This video is a dedication by Todd to both of the best drum instructors he could ever have.

Jazz Comping Grooves

This week, Patrick shares some great grooves for building jazz comping over the right stick ride jazz pattern.

Tony Williams Quintet 1989 Drum Solo

Tony Williams drum solo in 1989 at the International Jazzwoche Burghausen.

Elvin Jones Style – In Four Steps

Patrick lays out a 4 step process to play an Elvin Jones style jazz groove in 6/4.

Sing Sing Sing

In this article/lesson, Andy Ziker transcribes a couple of the patterns that Gene Krupa used in the song "Sing Sing Sing" with the Benny Goodman orchestra in 1937.

5/4 Jazz Workout

Here is a lesson to help develop your odd-time capacity, jazz feel, and coordination. Eight 5/4 jazz time patterns are coupled with eight measures of solo material.

5/4 Jazz Workout – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Andy Ziker's article on 5/4 jazz, including video examples.