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Jessie Caraballo Brings the Show

Watch as these percussionists move the crowd in NYC, featuring Jessie Caraballo's impressive speed, improvisation, and showmanship skills on the drums.

Epic Groove With Latin Roots

For this week's lesson we have got a great sounding two measure groove with a latin style feel to it. The beat has a very percussive vibe, with the left hand moving swiftly between the snare, hats and high tom, while the right had plays between the bell and the ride with 8th notes.

Travis Barker Latin Drum Beat – ‘Dysentery Gary’

For this week's drum lesson we return to the track 'Dysentery Gary', an early Blink 182 track with a cracking little latin groove in the pre-chorus. The groove has an up tempo bossa nova vibe, with right hand alternating between the bell and the ride, and the right foot playing the classic samba pattern.

Syncopated Hi-Hat and Bass Drum – Drum Beat

We borrowed a technique used by Rodney Holmes in the Santana song Smooth to create this syncopated groove.

Smooth – Santana

Our full drum sheet music to play along with Smooth by Santana from the album Supernatural (1999).

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Tough, Swinging Latin Groove

How to play the drums. For this week's lesson we have got a solid 16th note varied sticking pattern played the hands while our feet play a simple 8th note ostinato underneath.

Tough, Swinging Latin Groove PDF

Try out this tricky, swinging Latin groove. Be sure to check out Alex's accompanying video lesson for help learning the groove.

Which Voicing #3 – Samba

In this groove, the feet play a samba ostinato while the hands work together to play the syncopated rhythm. Which voicing do you prefer?

Dave Weckl – Performance Spotlight

Dave Weckl plays an inspiring solo infused with latin, jazz and funk elements (2012).

Chick Corea with Vinnie Colaiuta – Tumba (1992)

Chick Corea's trio improvises on the latin/fusion tune, Tumba, at The Blue Note in Tokyo (1992).

Cool and Easy Latin Paradiddle Groove – Part 3

Patrick lays down more Latin paradiddle grooves in part 3 of this cool and easy lesson series.

Cool & Easy Latin Paradiddle Groove

This week, Patrick lays down a Latin groove using the paradiddle to drive the groove.

6/4 Latin Feel Beats – Lesson 3

Part 3, the final exercise in Patrick's 6/4 Latin series. Enjoy!

6/4 Latin Feel Beats – Lesson 2

Part 2 of Patrick's Latin grooves lays out more 6/4 grooves with a Latin vibe.

6/4 Latin Feel Beats – Lesson 1

Patrick shares some Latin feeling grooves in 6/4 time for this week's Wednesday exercise.