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Basic Linear Training Exercise

The third lesson in our exclusive Musicians Institute lesson series, this time we explore exercises that are designed to help you feel a repeated linear pattern of three sixteenth notes that travel over the bar. By doing this exercise you will be able to feel syncopated linear patterns in all possible sixteenth note subdivisions.

Rolling Through The Triplets

The second installment of our exclusive Musicians Institute Hollywood Spring 2017 drum lesson series, Tim McIntyre lets the rolls fly in this great application of the five-stroke roll based in triplets.

Accented Six-Stroke Roll Techniques

We've teamed up with Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood, CA to bring you lessons from the staff each month throughout Spring 2017. In this lesson, Stewart Jean (Drum Program Chair at MI), demonstrates unique accent exercises applied to the six-stroke-roll.

Drum Program at Musicians Institute – Is It Right For Me?

Are you considering a career in music? The Drum Program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood is a solid step in the right direction. Learn more about the program and expectations as we chat with Drum Program Chair, Stewart Jean.

Opportunity is a-Knockin’ at PIT, Hollywood, CA

If you're a drummer looking for an excellent opportunity to learn, make connections in the industry and catapult your drumming career, the Percussion Institute of Technology (PIT) in Hollywood, CA is a giant leap in the right direction.