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Have a 6/8 Weekend

Enjoy four patterns in 6/8 along with some drum fill ideas. The first two drum fills are straightforward while the third and fourth explore syncopated crashes.

Breaking Out of the 4/4 Rut

This lesson explores a slick alternative to playing in 4/4. The grooves are designed to be very similar to 4/4, but because they're actually in 7/8, the last would-be 8th note is missing. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a great exercise to keep your drumming mind fresh.

Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden – Bridge Groove

"Black Hole Sun" is Soundgarden's most popular song and is still one of the most loved songs of the '90s. It was written by frontman Chris Cornell, and released in 1994. The following year, the song won the award for the Best Hard Rock Performance at the Grammys.

Hi-Hat Ostinato Over 7/8 – Building Grooves

These grooves explore a steady, quarter-note hi-hat foot played over a 7/8 groove. Drum fills included.

5/4 Drum Beats, Cool Ideas To Get You Started – Drum Lesson #255

Taking a look at playing in the 5/4 odd time signature, Alex Ribchester teaches how to incorporate some of the feel of 4/4 time by simply adding one extra beat of groove to the end of the bar.

What Is 5/8?

This lesson explores counting and playing 5/8 time as well as some ideas for incorporating 5/8 within common time and 6/8 grooves.

What Is 3/8?

This lesson explores how to count and play in the 3/8 time signature as well as some slick applications for incorporating 3/8 within common time and 6/8 grooves.

What Is 7/8?

Learn how to play in 7/8 time and some great techniques to keep your drumming brain sharp.

Rockin’ Odd-Time Drum Beat

This rock flavored beat is phrased in 3/4 time. The open hi-hats add an up-beat, syncopated layer to the groove.

Mission Impossible Theme

The classic theme from the 1960s TV series "Mission: Impossible" was composed by Lalo Schifrin, who jokingly said that it was written for people with five legs.

Epic 12/8 (or 6/8) Drum Beat & Drum Fill For Beginners & Intermediates

For this week's drum lesson we have got a cracking 12/8 groove and fill for beginner to intermediate level players. The faster you play it the harder it becomes. However, this combo of beat and lick will sound great at almost any tempo.

Terminator – Themes

The soundtrack for the movie franchise 'The Terminator' has seen several incarnations over the last 30 years. In this article, we will compare the core rhythms used in sequels to the original theme.

Master of Puppets – Metallica – Verse

The verse sections in "Master of Puppets" feature an unusual 'turnaround' rhythm in the fourth measure of each line. Even though the rhythm is played the same each time, it can be difficult to grasp, as it interrupts the pulse. In this article, we will compare several possible approaches to notating this unusual rhythm.

Alexander The Great – Iron Maiden – Bridge

This excerpt is taken from the bridge section (3:54 – 4:38) of Iron Maiden's epic 'Alexander The Great' from the album, Somewhere in Time (1986). The drum pattern is played with little variation, providing a steady platform for the band.

Dyers Eve – Metallica

Dyers Eve is the final track on Metallica's fourth album "... And Justice for All" (1988).