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Rockin’ the Ands

We often find ourselves in a straight-8th-note rut when it comes to playing the hi-hat. Step out of the rut with these 8 beats featuring an "and" ostinato on the hi-hat.

The Way of the Hi-Hat

Hi-hat patterns and articulations can change the feel of a groove entirely. Because of this, it's important to recognize the feel your hi-hat patterns create — and to use that knowledge to choose hi-hat patterns that match the feel of the song.

Ride Bell Threes

The Ride Bell Threes beat uses groups of three ride cymbal strokes that overlap the bars. The ride is played on the bell on beats 1 and 3 to bring out the downbeats.

Go Go Beat Variation

Learn this slick variation in the Go-Go Beat style.

Rockin’ the Open Hi-Hat

Workout your hi-hat foot with this up-beat rock groove layered with a unique open hi-hat pattern.

Ostinato Three Funk

This groove features a slick ostinato 3 pattern on the ride cymbal that is no walk in the park. There are ways to change the groove while maintaining its funkiness. Check it out!

Playing with the Ride – Drum Beat

Combining a touch of funky ride and a solid rock bass, this beat is a great fusion of styles with a unique sound.

Borrowing Smooth Santana Beat

Learn a great rock and Latin fused drum beat from the song Smooth by Santana.

Sober’s Verse Groove Technique

Learn the groove and technique used by Danny Carey throughout the intro and verses of Sober by Tool.

Drum Beat from Demons

Learn the main groove from the song Demons by Imagine Dragons and some ideas for exploring the technique.

What’s Up? – 4 Non Blondes – Beat

This beat represents the main pattern used in 'What's Up?' – 4 Non Blonde's gold selling single. Drummer, Dawn Richardson, adds spice to the groove by playing an 'extra' hi-hat note immediately after the back beats; while the bass drum/cross-stick part propels the music with a consistent dotted 8th/16th rhythm. The song features some great dynamics, fills and variations. Check out the links below for more information.

Which Voicing #7 – Fred – Tony Williams

This example was taken from Fred, a classic track from Tony William's 1975 album, Lifetime. In this section (0:07-1:07), the hi-hat ostinato was played consistently, while the bass and snare drums were played using variations of this basic beat. Which notation style do you prefer?

Sober – Tool – Verse

This pattern was used throughout the intro and verse sections of the Tool's 1993 single, Sober.

Adding Flair With Threes – Part 2

In part 1, you were introduced to the playing threes concept. This week, we'll continue developing threes coordination and expanding ideas on how to use them around the kit. I'll start with an example from Hotel California – Eagles, which was transcribed by Steve Ley. Then, we'll throw in a couple of fills that fit in context with the three technique used.

Adding Flair With Threes – Part 2

The sheet accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson exploring the 3 technique by examining Hotel California and some creative adaptations of the groove.