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Fun 4 Bar Paradiddle – Herta Practice Pad Exercise

This week we are back on the practice pad with this fun four measure sequence that combines paradiddles and hertas.

Killer Paradiddle Groove and Drum Lick

Learn a great two-measure lick made up of paradiddle-style sticking patterns.

Paradiddle Breakdown

The humble paradiddle's combination of single and double strokes lends itself to being accented on the beat. The double strokes allows a split-seconds extra time for the other stick to prepare for an accented stroke. Stick height is the most important element in playing accented sticking patterns with the right dynamics.

Paradiddle-diddle/Paradiddle Groove

This sixteenth note, tom-based groove is played with paradiddle-diddle and paradiddle stickings. It is designed to increase the player's flow around the kit using a combination of single and double strokes.


For this week's lesson we have got a cool double paradiddle exercise between the crashes, snare and kick drum that works great as part of your practice regime or part of a solo routine.

Cool Paradiddle Practice Pad Exercise

For this week's lesson we have got a fun little paradiddle workout on the practice pad. The exercise consists of 3 sticking patterns in which we add two extra notes, one of them being an accent after every sequence to give us a fun and unique way to create equality between the hands.

Blended Paradiddle Groove

This groove blends both the double paradiddle and the single paradiddle into a crazy sounding drum beat based in common time.

Cool Tom Groove – Paradiddle-diddles

For this week's lesson we have got a cool tom groove using the paradiddle-diddle rudiment as 16th note triplets.

Cool Paradiddle Drum Lick

For this week's lesson we have got a sweet sounding drum lick using paradiddles and inverted paradiddles.

Cool Paradiddle Lick – PDF

Learn a cool paradiddle drum beat and drum fill. Be sure to check out the accompanying video lesson.

Cool and Easy Latin Paradiddle Groove – Part 3

Patrick lays down more Latin paradiddle grooves in part 3 of this cool and easy lesson series.

Cool & Easy Latin Paradiddle Groove

This week, Patrick lays down a Latin groove using the paradiddle to drive the groove.

Paradiddle Latin Groove

This week, Patrick brings us some slick Latin grooves all based on the paradiddle.

Table of Time Application – Part 3 – Paradiddles

Part 3 of Patricks Table of Time Application series works the paraiddle around the kit into the most common time tables.

Bass Drum Coordination Building Over Paradiddle Variations 3

This is the 3rd installment of Patrick's Bass Drum Coordination over Paradiddles. Enjoy!