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Killer Paradiddle Groove and Drum Lick

Learn a great two-measure lick made up of paradiddle-style sticking patterns.

Rolling Through The Triplets

The second installment of our exclusive Musicians Institute Hollywood Spring 2017 drum lesson series, Tim McIntyre lets the rolls fly in this great application of the five-stroke roll based in triplets.

Bag o’ Short Fills

This lesson focuses on a few short fill ideas. Short fills generally take up a half measure or less, hence the name.

Funkin’ Five Stroke Roll Variations

This lesson explores variations of the technique originally taught in That Funkin' Five Stroke Roll video lesson.

Messed Up Flam Tap Groove

This wicked groove breaks a pseudo-flam-tap pattern up across the ride bell, toms and snare.

Blended Paradiddle Groove

This groove blends both the double paradiddle and the single paradiddle into a crazy sounding drum beat based in common time.

Funky Swiss Army Drum Fill

Learn a unique sounding, syncopated drum fill based on the Swiss Army Triplet sticking pattern.

Funky (almost) Linear Drum Beat – Drum Lesson #238

For this week's lesson we have got a sweet 2 measure drum beat played predominantly on the hi hats. With a combination of accents, a stepped hi hat, and an almost completely linear sticking pattern, we get a cool half time funky groove.

Epic Drum Fill & Solo Idea – Drum Lesson #237

For this week's lesson we have got an epic sounding drum fill that consists of a single rudiment - the 6 stoke roll. Using a couple of voicing ideas between the snare, kick and crash we can play some cool patterns that you might recognize from various drum solos.

What The Flam Fill?

The flam accent can make for some interestingly cool drum fills when you move it around the kit. This lesson explores some fun fills based on the flam accent.

What The Flam Fill? PDF

This sheet accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson titled What The Flam Fill? Learn a fun and rather interesting fill utilizing the flam accent.

Mixing Rudiments – Exercise 13

Patrick concludes the Mixing Rudiment series with the dragadiddle and the paradiddle-diddle. Having fun blending these and moving them around the kit!

Mixing Rudiments – Exercise 12

This week, Patrick's rudiment cocktail mixes the double drag tap, single drag tap and ratamacue around the kit. Enjoy!

Mixing Rudiments – Exercise 11

This week's installment of Patrick's rudiment mixology swishes the single drag tap and lesson 25 rudiments around the kit.

Mixing Rudiments – Exercise 10

This week, Patrick incorporates the flam drag and 10 stroke roll into some great drum fills around the kit. Get your rudiments on!