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Awesome Independence Exercise – Grooves

This lesson explores one of my favorite exercises/warm-ups. This groove is a great way to work on your ghost strokes and double kicks. With all four limbs playing different patterns, it's an awesome independence workout, as well.

Travis Barker Latin Drum Beat – ‘Dysentery Gary’

For this week's drum lesson we return to the track 'Dysentery Gary', an early Blink 182 track with a cracking little latin groove in the pre-chorus. The groove has an up tempo bossa nova vibe, with right hand alternating between the bell and the ride, and the right foot playing the classic samba pattern.

Which Voicing #3 – Samba

In this groove, the feet play a samba ostinato while the hands work together to play the syncopated rhythm. Which voicing do you prefer?

Tresillo Cubano Clave Over Samba Foot – Part 2

Patrick brings us part 2 of the Tresillo Cubano grooves. Enjoy this slick groove!

Tresillo Cubano Clave Over Samba Foot

Patrick brings us some Tresillo Cubano Clave over the samba foot pattern in this week's Wednesday exercise.

Batucada Exercises

Patrick delivers some Batucada exercises, a substyle of samba which refers to an African influenced Brazilian percussive style.

Bossa Nova Drum Lesson

In this weeks lesson we have a go at the Bossa Nova drum beat. This groove hails from Brazil with its roots in samba. This can be a tough nut to crack with a variety of ostinatos being played with each limb. In this lesson we break it down in to manageable chunks and bring it all together at the end.

Bossa Ostinato Left Hand and Samba Foot Exercises

In this exercise example, Patrick lays down some wicked grooves with a latin spice. These are great coordination exercises. Enjoy!

Morning Warmups – Week 5

The following from Daily Drum Warm-Ups is the last sample page that I'm including for this blog. However, I will continue to contribute entries on a weekly basis, creating new content and demonstrating different ways to apply exercises to the drumset....

Samba Groove

This groove builds from last week's "Samba Foot" drum lesson. This beat continues the samba foot pattern, but also includes a 3-note ostinato pattern with the right stick, as well as some other embellishments.

Samba Groove – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson titled "Samba Groove."

Groovin’ with the Samba Foot

The samba foot pattern is an excellent foot exercise to develop strength and endurance. It's not only fun to play but sounds cool, too.

Groovin’ with the Samba Foot- Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Nate Brown's video drum lesson "Groovin' with the Samba Foot."

7-8 Samba

A unique samba rhythm in 7/8

Edson Machado Samba

This Edson Machado style samba is sure to be a hit and a challenge.