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For this week's lesson we have got a sweet tom groove using single stroke sextuplets. Enough said.

Killer Drum Fill Ending on Beat 4

Enjoy a cracking little fill that finishes with a big whack on the snare on beat 4, creating a nice dramatic pause before returning to the groove. The sticking is a nice and simple RLRLKK played as 16th-note triplets orchestrated around the kit.

One – Metallica – Beats

"One" is a dynamic piece that moves through several different meters and moods. It was Metallica's first Top 40 hit-single and the first song for which a video clip was made. The song also earned the band members their first-of-many Grammys (in the Best Metal Performance category) in the year after its release.

Cool Intermediate Sextuplet Drum Fill

For this week's lesson we have a got a cool 16th note triplet fill between the kick, snare and floor tom. Sounds great at a number of different tempos and has a nice swing to it.

Trailing Triplets – Why Worry – Dire Straits

'Why Worry' is the mid-album ballad on Dire Straits' double-grammy winning album, Brothers in Arms (1985). A shaker/wood-block maintain and color the time through the first two-thirds of the song, before Omar Hakim launches into the dynamic drum part in the concluding instrumental section (starting 6 minutes in).

Come Together – The Beatles – Intro

In this distinctive groove, the left hand leads the tom fill while the right hand moves clockwise to play the mid and floor toms.

Sweet & Simple Crossover Drum Fill

In this week's lesson we have got a simple, yet effective drum fill idea using 16th note triplets (or sextuplets) with a single stroke sticking pattern. Beats 2,3 and 4 will have you crossingyour right hand over your left to hit the snare on the down beat of each beat. Practice thisslow to begin with and you will find yourself blitzing around the kit before you know it!

Cool Sextuplet Paradiddle Groove

In this week's lesson we have got a funky little groove that combines two sextuplet paradiddle sticking patterns.

Cool Sextuplet Paradiddle Groove – PDF

In this week's lesson we have got a cool sounding groove that uses two paradiddle based sticking patterns with a sextuplet rhythm. The idea sounds great when played on the bell of the ride or orchestrated around the toms.

9 Stroke 16th Note Triplet Fill

In this week's lesson we have got a great sounding fill from a rather tricky sticking pattern. The fill is played as 16th note triplets, but we will be subdividing the pattern in to groups of 4 - RLRK, 5 - RLRKK, and 6 - RLRKRL

Four Bars of Fun Sixes – PDF Accompaniment

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchester's Four Bars of Fun Sixes drum lesson.

Table of Time Application – Part 3 – Paradiddles

Part 3 of Patricks Table of Time Application series works the paraiddle around the kit into the most common time tables.

Table of Time Application – Part 2 – Double Strokes

Part 2 of the Table of Time Application series incorporates double strokes into the most commonly used stroke-groupings.

Table of Time Application – Part 1 – Single Strokes

Finally wrap your head around the table of time with these exercises. Notes can be spaced a number of ways, and it's important to be able to nail the time table without falling out of the beat.

Kick Drum Speed/Tom Groove

In this weeks lesson we have got a tough little workout for your kick drum foot. This is going to help improve technique, increase foot speed and sound pretty cool too! The pattern is played between the hands and the feet in a sextuplet or 16th note triplet rhythm. Give it a go and let me know how you get on!