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Cool, Fun Drum Fill or Solo Idea

This lesson borrows the sticking pattern from the previous lesson, combining a number of paradiddle variations to create a drum n bass style groove. In this lesson, we use the sticking pattern to create a more conventional drum fill between the kick, ride and snare. You could also loop this pattern and combine it with other ideas in a drum solo context.

Virgil Donati – Solo

Drum solo by Virgil Donati with screen projections from multiple camera angles.

5/4 Jazz Workout

Here is a lesson to help develop your odd-time capacity, jazz feel, and coordination. Eight 5/4 jazz time patterns are coupled with eight measures of solo material.

Wayne Oien – Snare Solo – 2011

Wayne Oien puts on an impressive show to take first place at DCA 2011.

Army Military Marching Beat

This is the classic snare part for the Army Military Marching Beat. A great beat to learn, as it's instantly recognizable and enjoyed by many.

Trade Off

This beat sheet is a snare drum solo designed to give an extra challenge to the beginner 16th note and 8th note player. With some challenging combinations between the rim and the snare drum, this piece will keep you on your toes. Take it slow at first, and be sure to watch the dynamics.


Tooltrain is a snare drum solo written in 3 that works out your reading/playing of 8th notes connected to 16ths. A neat piece!

Eight of a Time

This drum set solo for beginner to beginner-intermediate level works out 8th note grooves in some solid patterns. Enjoy!


A solo for snare drum, this challenging piece intertwines rhythmic patterns while keeping the accent pattern repeating every four measures. The rhythms change, but the accents stay on the same counts, a rather unique piece. Watch your timing on the triplets.

Rhythm Mover

Rhythm Mover is a drum solo for the snare drum that incorprates a lot of 5 stroke roll and accent combinations. The difficulty lies in the alternating sticking and accenting. A great solo to learn to improve your accenting and your 5-stroke rolling abilities.


This is the snare part to a drum cadence titled, "Intimi." Get your groove on with this meaningful piece. Make the other side aware of you!

Titled For Style

Originally designed as the snare part for a drum line cadence, this piece is sure to get your sticks moving. Watch the syncopation!


This drum set solo sheet music incorporates the progression technique where a simple beat is started and then gradually built upon throughout the solo. A great "drum thinking" exercise, this solo will be a mind workout!

The Down (Drum Set Solo)

A rockin' drum set solo for the beginner-intermediate level (2/5) drummer. Bang the crashes, work out the hats, and cruise on the snare as you jam this piece. Includes eighth notes and quarter notes in some tricky combinations.

Accents on Parade

This piece of drum music is a snare drum solo created to give the beginner snare drummer an accent "workout." This solo includes rim playing, eighth notes and rests, quarter notes and rests, and of course, accents. A neat solo!