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Cool Intermediate Drum Beats on the Toms

Learn a cracking four-measure drum beat on the toms. The groove is aimed at intermediate level drummers who are looking to spice up their tom grooves with this musical orchestration that sits on a basic four on the floor pulse.

Rock Ride & Tom Build – 6 Beats

Starting with a straightforward rock groove, each beat builds from the previous. The first grooves are easier and grow with complexity. The audio example plays each groove 4 times before moving on.

This Groove’s Got Groove

Learn a "cracking" little groove using a five-note sticking pattern (RLRRL) along with a six-note (RLRRLL) played between the snare and floor tom.

Rhythm Builder: How Far Can You Go?

Starting with a simple rhythm on the snare drum, this exercise gradually builds throughout each measure. In the audio demonstration, each example is played 4 times before moving on.

Another Epic Tom Groove

This tom groove consists of single-stroke sixteenth notes with accents between the floor, high tom, and hi-hats. The kick maintains a four-on-the-floor pulse creating a nice interplay with the accents.

Tom Groove – Should I Stay or Should I Go

This lesson explores the tom groove used in Should I Stay or Should I Go, including some ideas for re-orchestrating the rhythm around the cymbals.

Funky Drum Beat On The Toms – Intermediate

This lesson explores a funky drum beat on the toms. Aimed at intermediate-level drummers, the groove consists of a single stroke sticking around the kit with some choked hi-hat stabs, sixteenth-note triplets, and some thirty-second notes.

Cool Drum Beat On The Toms – Beginners to Intermediate

This week we're building a groove with the classic four-on-the-floor pulse.

Rock, Pop Triplet Drum Beat On The Toms For Beginners

Learn a sweet little tom groove for beginner drummers. The beat sounds much more complicated than it is to play.

Hard Times – Tom Groove

This lesson explores the main tom groove used in the song Hard Times by Paramore and introduces an off-beat hi-hat foot technique.

Three Levels of Dynamics with Castle on the Hill

Learn the main tom groove used in the chorus of Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran.

We Are – Karnivool

"We Are" is the lead single from progressive rock band Karnivool's third album, Asymmetry (2013).


This week's lesson takes it to the toms with a fun, pop-rock-sounding drum beat. The kick pumps away on each quarter note while the hands move around the kit with some syncopated tom work.

Creativity on the Toms

Learn some exercises and techniques to get the most out of your toms.

Atavachron – Allan Holdsworth Style

"Atavachron" is the title track from Allan Holdsworth's classic fusion album, released in 1986. It was his first album which featured the SynthAxe — a guitar-like MIDI controller.