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Great Independence & Coordination Exercise

Learn a fun and challenging exercise for improving independence and coordination. The hands and kick repeat a sixteenth-note pattern that is subdivided into groups of three and four, while the stepped hi-hat plays the quarter-note pulse.

Sixteenth-Note Triplet Fills and Exercises

These exercises serve as a great workout for improving coordination, dexterity, and timing around the kit. They also make unique-sounding, punchy drum fills to use within your own playing.

Killer Kick Drum Exercise – Single Pedal

Having trouble nailing your quick pedal kicks? This lesson explores a simple exercise for developing single pedal speed.

Put this Warm-up in Your Grooves

One of my favorite go-to warm-ups, this pattern can also double as a slick technique to use within your drum beats.

Fuller Motion Drum Set Warm-up

Learn a drum set warm-up designed to get a fuller range of motion.

Hand Technique: Single 3’s – Video 3 of 4

Michael Klee takes you through the medium fast tempos (150-180 bpm) with the Single 3's Ditty Exercise. Video 3 of 4. Developing the single 3 rudiment will help give you short bursts of speed when you need it the most! Practice here with Mike Klee!

More Singles – Hand Workouts

This sheet music accompanies Mike Klee's video drum lesson demonstrating some great hand workouts. Pull out your practice pad and get to work!

Winter Warmups – Brain Workouts For Behind The Kit

In this lesson, learn a couple warmups that challenge you both physically and mentally to get the juices flowing!
Alfred's Beginning Workbook For Snare Drum
Chart-Topping Drum Fills

Double Stroke Pad Exercise

Drummer Todd Walker performing a lesson using a basic practice pad exercise with,"Double Strokes" within three note value. (Eighth Notes, Eighth Note Triplets & Sixteenths).

Bass Drum Warmup Over Half-Time Shuffle

This week, Patrick shares a bass drum warmup over some half-time shuffle rhythms on the cymbals.
Check Out Patrick's Book

Free and Controlled Stroke Warm-Up – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Andy Zikers article on Free and Controlled Stroke Warm-Ups, techniques for warming up using selective stroke types. A great exercise!
Read Andy's Article"

Triplet Warm-Up in 3

The following three warm-ups were written for a student who requested some additional work with eighth-note triplets and sextuplets. To increase the challenge, I wrote this in a 3/4 time signature, providing some fun right- and left-hand lead possibilities. Each of these exercises involves alternating single strokes.

7/8 Flam Rudiment Warm-Up

The following warm-ups use flam accents, alternating flams, and flamadiddles, all in 7/8 time.

Paradiddle Practice Pad Workout

In this weeks lesson I am going to show you how to play a 4 bar/measure combination of paradiddles . It is a fun little exercise I have put together for you to have a go at on your practice pad.

Paradiddle Practice Pad Workout – Sheet Music

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchesters video drum lesson walking through this great pad exercise. Check the video out!