“Hey, thank you.  Seriously thank you for a really accurate transcription of this song.  I can see why this one costs a little more than others on your website.  Seriously though, wow.  I have been coming to you first now when I am looking for a transcription for a song.  I know that I can count on you for a clean but extremely accurate drum score, always.   Keep up the great work.”

-Michael David Garcia
Austin Music School
Austin, TX

“I’ve been playing for over 37 years and come to this site for sheet music on songs that my band wants to play and me to learn. The transcriptions are very accurate and really help me nail down the song, as close to perfect as possible. Not every site gives you accurate drum sheet music!

Their recent “Rhythm Builder: How Far Can You Go?” is a great exercise for incorporating the BD and a good way to strengthen your linear grooves. Every exercise provides a starting point to create other and new exercises based on the original lesson. You don’t need to buy 20 books! An example would be taking the snare and tom line from the above lesson and playing it on the kick drum — new exercise!

A few bars of well-composed (and thought out) music can go a long way depending on how you apply it to the kit.

Keep up the good work!!”

-Maarten P.

“I started my journey in drumming in 2011 and have had drum instructors along the way, each one of them having their own niche. I owe my instructors a deep gratitude for giving me a vision.

When I discovered OnlineDrummer.com, and watching who I now know to be Nate Brown, I had a thirst to continually watch his channel because it made me find my inner self and realize not to be just a carbon copy of someone’s drumming but to think creatively and shape it, taking it to a new direction. Hence, I like adding congas and djembe and fit them into grooves, and with the wealth of knowledge at one’s fingertips on the site, with other cool lessons from top-rate teachers, it’s an obvious choice to stay a loyal member.

Thank You

-T Sticks

“Just wanted to say that as a teacher it’s vital to have access to high quality drum charts when they’re needed. Having a large enrollment I don’t have the time to chart out everything for students. I need them on hand as required, when required. So a big, big thank you to Online Drummer and the resources made available. It’s guys like you that help so much in making sure drum education moves ahead. Keep up the good work.”

(Gregg’s Drumming Tuition)

“I think your sheet music is excellent. I recently helped a band out by having to stand in and was able to get 90% of their material off your site. They were blown away how I could turn up and sight read the music. I thought the music was clearly laid out and very easy to sight read.”

-Andy Wood

“As a professional traveling and teaching musician, I like to keep my students busy and well referenced when I am not available for them. I send them to onlinedrummer.com. Nate and his crew always keep it real! Thanks guys!”

-Jeff wheeler
Performer and educator
Half moon bay, CA.

“The only site I encourage my students to check out !! and plenty of tools on site to inspire them to be inquisitive.”

-Dave Helman

“Let’s face it, learning to play drums is tough stuff for most of us, and trying to learn new songs is always a challenge, especially when the songs become more difficult, and the notation more busy. Lousy notation can hold you back, and slow down the whole learning process. I like Online Drummer because 1) A drum key is always included. 2) The spacing is condensed properly, so you don’t end up trying to fit all those sheets on your stand. 3) It’s the right notation, not someone guessing. 4) The print is bold, and lines up. 5) The notation is drum only, and not cluttered with other instruments parts, Other sites get some of these important points correct, but not all. That’s not acceptable in my book. Just compare apples to apples, and you’ll see how good these guys are. Rock On!”

Sarasota Jim Moore

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