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Rick Siegfried – Jammin’ to Skrillex’s Scatta

Rick Siegfried of the up-and-coming metalcore band REQUIEM, covers some Skrillex with his metal twist.

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Vomit Fist Drum Lesson: “A Public Execution” – Playing in 15/8

Lurkrot plays through the Vomit Fist tune "A Public Execution" and shows how he combines both straight time and melodic drumming techniques when playing in odd meters.

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Bill Cosby – Jammed With Sonny Stitt

Comedian, Bill Cosby, shares the hilarious story of how his desire to be a jazz drummer was dashed after one jam session when he was thrown in the deep end.

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In The Studio with Anthony Kilz from NIM VIND

NIM VIND sent us this exclusive, drum cam shot of Anthony Kilz in studio. These legendary horror rockers from Vancouver BC have released their latest, long-awaited album, Saturday Night Séance Songs.

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