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Antonio Sanchez – Solo

Check out Antonio Sanchez's Afro/Jazz exploration! Sanchez performed the sound track for the film Bird Man (2015) on his drum set, unaccompanied. He blends elements of Jazz, Afro Cuban, Funk and Avant-garde seamlessly in his improvisations.

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BYOS Crew Take On Uptown Funk

The BYOS crew brought out a couple of drum sets and marching snares for this all-out, 5AM, jam session to the tune of Uptown Funk. Sweet!

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Hang Solo – Manu Delago

Talented multi-instrumentalist, Manu Delago, improvises a mesmerising solo on two hangs.

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Crash Cymbal in Slow Motion

Watch a wet crash cymbal being struck in slow-motion at 1,000 frames per second!

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