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Anika Nilles’ Quintuplet Exercise – Part 1

Polyrhythmic champion, Anika Nilles, demonstrates shifting accents in a quintuple subdivision (5 notes per beat). A great brain/hand exercise for anyone wanting to develop their polyrhythmic skills.

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Gavin Harrison – Spicing Up Your Fills with Double Bass

Gavin demonstrates a simple approach to spicing up fills using a double bass drum pedal.

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Daniel Platzman of Imagine Dragons Spotlight

Daniel talks about his classical roots, studying fusion music at Berkley, then dropping everything to join Imagine Dragons.

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Anika Nilles – Alter Ego

Anika Nilles, an amazing drummer from Germany, demonstrates the chops and musicality that took her to the 2014 Hit Like A Girl finals. She really takes drum videos to the next level!

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