Dave Grohl played this beat through the choruses of the song. Which voicing do you prefer?

Learn the drum beat from the theme of the classic 80s hit TV show Knight Rider.

This is the main beat that features in Twenty One Pilots' hit single 'Car Radio'. Drummer, Josh Dun drives the half-time feel with a solid bass and snare drum part while playing a skipping hi-hat pattern over the top.

This fill is heard in the Outro section of the song (4:30). Which voicing do you prefer?

This beat was used in the intro to Faith No More's breakout song, Epic. After a 10 year hiatus, the band reformed in 2009 and has recently released their seventh studio album, Sol Invictus.

In this groove, the feet play a samba ostinato while the hands work together to play the syncopated rhythm. Which voicing do you prefer?

This two-measure groove (which loops throughout the whole song) features Travis Barker playing with brushes. The slash note-heads in voice 1 represent the brush sweeps - emphasizing the up-beats. The snare, bass and woodblock (x-note-head) parts are notated in voice 2. Striking the rim of the snare is a suitable substitute for a woodblock.

There are two principles that apply to the voicing of this beat. Which voicing do you prefer?

This pattern was used throughout the intro and verse sections of the Tool's 1993 single, Sober.

This groove was featured in Arctic Monkey's hit, R U Mine. Which voicing do you prefer?

Enjoy this simple Rumba beat for the drum set.

Double-time beats are used in punk and heavy metal music to add intensity to a song.

Enjoy this bossa nova with a 3-2 son clave on the snare, playing against a shortened clave variation on the open hi-hat.

This simple 6 measure drum loop underpinned Outkast's 2003 hit, Hey Ya. It features a quirky half-measure (2/4) in the 4th bar of the phrase, creating an unusual resolution.

The Amen Break is a 4 bar drum break that was performed by G. C. Coleman in the song 'Amen, Brother' by The Winstons in 1969.


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