St. Anger – Metallica – Chorus

"St. Anger" is the title track from Metallica's eighth studio album, released in 2003. It won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance in the following year.

Syncopated Melodic Tom Groove

This tom groove features a syncopated melody. Tom grooves are cool and adding a simple melody to the groove can bring it to the next level.

Accenting the Middle Note in Compound Meter

In compound meters*, the middle-note in each set of three notes is often neglected—overshadowed by the outer notes. In this beat, the middle note is featured, echoing the dotted-quarter-note pulse.

The Judge – Twenty One Pilots – Metric Modulation

"The Judge" from Twenty One Pilot's latest album, Blurryface, features some interesting tempo changes. The above notation relates to bridge section of the song, at the point where the tempo drops back (2:55).

One – Metallica – Beats

"One" is a dynamic piece that moves through several different meters and moods. It was Metallica's first Top 40 hit-single and the first song for which a video clip was made. The song also earned the band members their first-of-many Grammys (in the Best Metal Performance category) in the year after its release.

Ostinato Three Funk

This groove features a slick ostinato 3 pattern on the ride cymbal that is no walk in the park. There are ways to change the groove while maintaining its funkiness. Check it out!

21 Guns – Green Day – Chorus

"21 Guns" is an anti-war power-ballad by Green Day. It was nominated for two Grammys in 2010—in the categories of Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song.

Stripping the Ghostly Funk

This groove nails a host of embellishments, but what happens when you strip them away? Check it out!

Bang Bang – Green Day – Beat

"Bang Bang" is the lead single from Green Day's upcoming album, Revolution Radio, due to be released on October 7, 2016. The song has an up-beat punk feel, reminiscent of the band's earlier work.

Pokemon – Drum Intro

Learn the explosive drum intro to the theme song from the most recent craze to hit the streets: Pokemon!

Hardwired – Metallica – Intro Beat

"Hardwired" is the first single from Metallica's upcoming album, Hardwired... To Self-Destruct.

More Than a Feeling – Main Chorus Beat

Enjoy the main chorus groove from the hit song More Than a Feeling.

Dark Necessities – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Beat

"Dark Necessities" is the first single on Red Hot Chili Pepper's 11th studio album, The Getaway (2016). The song became the band's 13th number-one single on the Billboard 'Alternative Songs' chart, setting a new record.

Grooving Sixteenth Rock with Funky Rolls

This rock groove plays alternating sixteenth notes between the ride bell and hi-hat. The snare remains on the classic beats 2 and 4 while the hands do the embellishing.

‘R L F’ Pattern Between the Toms and Bass

This two-measure pattern is based on a three-note motif; played with the right stick, then the left stick, then the foot (RLF). To make the phrase groove in 4/4, the snare is played on the back-beats. The pattern is rhythmically interesting underneath, yet easy for fellow band members and listeners to follow.



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