Afro 12/8

In this is beat, the African clave (bell pattern) is being used in a different way.

Welcome Home (Sanitarium) – Metallica – Verse

Welcome Home (Sanitarium) is a slow, dynamic song featured on Metallica's classic album, Master of Puppets (1986).

Go Go Beat Variation

Learn this slick variation in the Go-Go Beat style.

Rasputin – Boney M

"Rasputin" was a world-wide hit for euro-disco group Bony M, and the second hit-single from their Nightlight to Venus album (1978).

Brace – Birds of Tokyo – Verse

"Brace" is the title track from Birds of Tokyo's latest album—released in November 2016.

Nobody’s Fault but Mine – Led Zeppelin

"Nobody's Fault but Mine" is a blues cover included on Led Zeppelin's 1976 album, Presence.

Atavachron – Allan Holdsworth Style

"Atavachron" is the title track from Allan Holdsworth's classic fusion album, released in 1986. It was his first album which featured the SynthAxe — a guitar-like MIDI controller.

Poor Tom – Led Zeppelin

"Poor Tom" was recorded in 1970, yet was not included on the Led Zeppelin III album. It was finally released 12 years later on the Coda album, two years after John Bonham's death.

Lesson 33 Groove

This groove's hand pattern is based off the ubiquitous lesson #33 from George Lawrence Stone's book, Stick Control.

Paradiddle 5-Stroke Lick

The sextuplet based lick heard in the second measure is based on the first five notes of a paradiddle. The lick is similar to the "Grandpa" hybrid rudiment, except that the first note of the group is not accented. Used in a slow/medium swing context, it generates powerful tension and release.

Rockin’ the Open Hi-Hat

Workout your hi-hat foot with this up-beat rock groove layered with a unique open hi-hat pattern.

Tear in My Heart – Twenty One Pilots – Verse Beat

This two-measure figure is played several times in the verse sections of Twenty One Pilot's 2015 hit, Tear in My Heart.

Linear Funk Rock

This linear groove uses the ride bell to accent the syncopation. The suggested tempo is 120 bpm, but this groove also sounds cool at slower (or faster) tempos.

Waste A Moment – Kings of Leon

"Waste a Moment" is the lead single form WALLS, Kings of Leon's latest album, released in late 2016.

Thriller – Michael Jackson – Main Groove

While the drum track to Thriller is a programmed track played by a drum machine, this groove is still a fun groove to play on an acoustic kit.




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