Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Drum Sheet Music

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - Drum Sheet Music

The full drum sheet music for Dreams by Fleetwood Mac from the album Rumours (1977).

Drummer: Mick Fleetwood | Level 2/5
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Description & Sample:

Dreams reached #1 in both US and Canada and is the only Fleetwood Mac song to reach the top of the charts. Mick Fleetwood plays a laid-back drum track with creatively-placed hi-hat articulations and effective drum fills.

Mick uses the tip of the stick to produce a softer effect on the crash cymbal in some places throughout the song. We've notated these with a tip of stick symbol above the notes, allowing you to reproduce Mick's original vibe. You will find the tip of stick indicator in the drum key for reference.

Enjoy a free sample excerpt of the sheet music below:

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