Do you take song requests for drum sheet music?
No. Our transcribing team members select songs to work on based on personal interest, expected demand, and in order to round-out our catalog. We aren't able to on requests.

Can I print my sheet music and ebooks?
Yes. All of our drum sheet music and ebooks are in PDF format and can be printed for your personal use and for use with one teacher or student.

Do you mail physical copies of sheet music?
No. Our sheet music is delivered digitally in the form of download links. In certain circumstances, we can make exceptions.

Can I download my purchases again at a later time?
Yes. Once a download link is purchased, the link does not expire. If you've created an account with us, you can access your download links by logging in.


Printing Music

  • Sheet music is 'cutoff' at the bottom or sides.
    On your printer’s options menu, select “fit,” “shrink to fit,” or similar (varies according to printer software). This will ensure that the sheet music prints within your printer’s printable margins and paper size.
  • Sheet music prints with odd symbols rather than what's shown on the screen.
    This sometimes happens when opening with and printing from a web browser. To solve the problem, open the sheet music with the free Adobe Reader and print from within the software.
  • Do I need to install special software to access my sheet music & ebooks?
    No. Our sheet music is delivered in PDF format. Many computers and devices are already able to open PDF files as a standard feature. If you're unable to open, you’ll need to install the free Adobe Reader.

Reading Music

  • What does a symbol or note in the drum sheet music stand for?
    View our detailed Drum Notation Guide, which includes examples, as well as a printable, full-page drum key.