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Five Progressive Beats for Beginners

Learn 5 drum beats for beginner-level players. The kick and snare placements remain the same for all five beats,... read more

Slick, Two-Bar Drum Lick

This lesson builds upon the idea from last week, adding an extra bar of drum fill. This pattern consists... read more

Quick, Slick Drum Lick

Learn a linear, single-measure drum fill made up of sixteenth notes and a fun sticking pattern. read more

Great Independence & Coordination Exercise

Learn a fun and challenging exercise for improving independence and coordination. The hands and kick repeat a sixteenth-note pattern... read more

Creating Drum Fills from Linear Beats

This lesson explores the sticking pattern from a few weeks ago. This time, we are orchestrating the idea around... read more

Two Great Drum Beats for Beginners

Learn two cracking drum beats for beginner drummers looking to bridge the gap to intermediate level. The groove is... read more

Monster Drum Fill

Learn an advanced two-measure sextuplet drum fill played between the kick, snare, hi-hat, and floor tom. The sticking pattern... read more

Funky Drum Beat Inspired by James Brown’s, Super Bad

Learn a lovely four-measure loop that draws inspiration from the bridge section of James Brown’s funky track, “Super Bad.” read more