The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

The full drum sheet music for The Gambler by Kenny Rogers from the album The Gambler (1978).

Rock The Casbah – The Clash

The full drum sheet music for Rock The Casbah by The Clash from the album Combat Rock (1982, Remastered).

Savior – Rise Against

The full drum sheet music for Savior by Rise Against from the album Appeal to Reason (2009).

Levitate – Twenty One Pilots

The full drum sheet music for Levitate by Twenty One Pilots from the album Trench (2018).

Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant

The full drum sheet music for Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant from the album Killer on the Rampage (1982).

Natural – Imagine Dragons

The full drum sheet music for Natural by Imagine Dragons released as a single in 2018.

Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin – Song Intro

Learn the intro to the song "Communication Breakdown" by Led Zeppelin. This portion of the drum lesson package is made available free to For the full package visit


This lesson kicks off a two part series for beginner-level drummers. Develop a common, basic beat by adding an extra kick on the 'e' of beat 4, as well as moving some of the strokes to the hi-hat. The beat is simple to learn but gets more challenging to play the faster you get. With all of these ideas mixed together you can come up with some creative drum loops.

Steve Gadd Linear 32nd Note Drum Lick

In this week's lesson we have got a Steve Gadd inspired 32nd note linear pattern between the kick, snare and hi hat. This uses a combination of double strokes, kicks, and ghost notes.

Drum Fill Improv Template

This lesson outlines a template to use for practicing your filling technique. Play a new drum fill where indicated in the practice template.

Awesome Independence Exercise – Grooves

This lesson explores one of my favorite exercises/warm-ups. This groove is a great way to work on your ghost strokes and double kicks. With all four limbs playing different patterns, it's an awesome independence workout, as well.