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Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

The full drum sheet music for Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield from the album Working Class Dog (1981).

Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones

The full drum sheet music for Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones from the album Tattoo Me (1981).

Dance, Dance – Fall Out Boy

The full drum sheet music for Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy from the album From Under The Cork Tree (2005).

Face Down – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

The full drum sheet music for Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus from the album Don't You Fake It (2006).

Dear Maria, Count Me In – All Time Low

The full drum sheet music for Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low from the album So Wrong, It's Right (2007).

Ignorance – Paramore

The full drum sheet music for Ignorance by Paramore from the album Brand New Eyes (2009).

Steve Gadd – Linear Drum Beat

This is a Steve Gadd style linear rhythm with some 32nd note double chucked in there for an extra challenge! I found this a real tricky beat to get the hang of and I am still learning it to this day. The key to getting this one sounding half decent is to concentrate on getting the dynamics of the snare drum down. You have to be quite delicate with the ghost notes or the groove wont sound quite right. Once you are confortable with the pattern, try moving the right hand around the toms for slight variations too.

Beat Development And Cool Grooves

In this video lesson, I thought we could build a cool sounding drum groove by adding notes, changing voices, and experimenting with dynamics. We start off with a relatively simple groove and gradually develop the idea so that we end up with a much busier groove. The idea of this lesson is that we can give a bit of variation to the beat, without straying too far from the origional concept, while coming up with a number of cool sound grooves on the way.

Love For Sale – Buddy Rich

This week's Jammit drum lesson covers some grooves and techniques from Buddy Rich's Love For Sale.

Drum Fills From Walk This Way

Learn a couple drum fills from the Aerosmith classic Walk This Way.

Fun with the Herlin Riley Polyrhythm

This week we explore the concept of polyrhythms by examining Herlin Riley's techniques.