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Harmony Road - Sting - Drum Sheet MusicHarmony Road - Sting - Thumbnail
The Trooper - Iron Maiden - Drum Sheet MusicThe Trooper - Iron Maiden - Thumbnail Image
Whole Lotta Rosie - ACDC - Drum Sheet MusicWhole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC - Thumbnail
Caspian Album CoverHymn for the Greatest Generation - Caspian - Thumbnail
Somebody's Baby by Jackson Brown album coverThumbnail image for Somebody's Baby drum sheet music.
LuxAEterna - Metallica - Drum Sheet MusicLuxAEterna - Metallica - Drum Sheet Music
The 26 Standard American Drum Rudiments

Print, Practice and Display the One-page Rudiment Chart

The National Association of Rudimental Drummers (NARD) originally published The 26 Standard American Rudiments in 1933. The Percussive Arts Society, in 1984, added 14 rudiments to the American Standard Rudiments, creating the 40 International Snare Drum Rudiments. Practicing rudiments is an excellent way to build coordination, endurance and crispness.

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Rolling Through the Week - Practice Pad Challenge

Challenge your students with this one-week plan to increase roll BPM by 10! Spending time developing the open-stroke roll technique goes a long way. Having a crisp, clean open roll not only feels great - it can be implemented on the drum set to create big-league embellishments, beats and fills. Remember to focus on playing cleanly and consistently.

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Drum Rudiments Crossword Puzzle

Reinforce your students' knowledge of drum rudiments with this fun crossword puzzle for drummers. For further practice, have students practice the rudiments and write their 'top' BPMs in each of the hint boxes. Make sure that students understand that the top BPM is the fastest tempo the rudiment was played cleanly.

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Rockin' the Ands

Rockin' the Ands

drum beatsNate Brown
We often find ourselves in a straight-8th-note rut when it comes to playing the hi-hat. Step out of the rut with these 8 beats featuring an "and" ostinato on the hi-hat.
Moving Hands - Simple Drum Fill Technique

Moving Hands - Simple Drum Fill Technique

drum fillsNate Brown
The Moving Hands technique is a simple way to create a drum fill by playing the same drum beat while moving your hands around the toms.
Layering a Groove

Layering a Groove

drum beatsNate Brown
This drum lesson begins with a foundational groove and gradually adds layers to fill out the groove. Use this technique to make your playing sound fuller.

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