Black Chandelier - Biffy Clyro - Drum Sheet Music

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Drum Sheet Music Description

The full drum sheet music for "Black Chandelier" by Biffy Clyro from the album Opposites (2013).

  • Format: Download (printable PDF)
  • Difficulty: Level 2 (out of 4)
  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Tempo: Medium
  • Pages: 2
  • Drummer: Ben Johnston
  • Transcribed by: Steve Ley
  • Collections:  Biffy Clyro

Listen To "Black Chandelier" by Biffy Clyro

About "Black Chandelier" by Biffy Clyro

Ben Johnston's explosive and forceful drumming style is a major driving force behind the song's hard-hitting rock sound, providing a fierce and unrelenting beat that perfectly complements the track's edgy guitar riffs and intense vocals. His use of intricate and intense rhythms creates a powerful and dynamic atmosphere, making "Black Chandelier" a standout track among Biffy Clyro fans. Johnston's technical prowess and musicality as a drummer are showcased throughout the song with his creative use of fills and variations, demonstrating his ability to add depth and texture to the track's heavy sound. "Black Chandelier" is a beloved song that has earned a place in the hearts of rock fans around the world, recognized as one of Biffy Clyro's most iconic tracks. Drummers looking to take their skills to the next level and jam out to a high-energy rock tune will find "Black Chandelier" an irresistible song to play along with. So let's appreciate the amazing drumming of Ben Johnston and rock out to "Black Chandelier" by Biffy Clyro!

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