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Drum Sheet Music Description

The full drum sheet music for "Blackened" by Metallica from the album ...And Justice for All (1988).

  • Format: Download (printable PDF)
  • Difficulty: Level 4 (out of 4)
  • Time Signature: 4/4, 5/4, 7/4, and 7/8
  • Tempo: Fast
  • Pages: 7
  • Drummer: Lars Ulrich
  • Transcribed by: Steve Ley
  • Collections:  Metallica

Listen To "Blackened" by Metallica

About "Blackened" by Metallica

Get ready to headbang to the driving and intense drumming of Lars Ulrich on "Blackened" by Metallica! Ulrich's drumming on this iconic track is nothing short of awe-inspiring, showcasing his impressive technical skills and incredible energy behind the kit. With his ferocious and explosive playing, Ulrich sets the tone for the song's crushing sound, perfectly complementing James Hetfield's snarling vocals and the band's signature thrash metal sound. "Blackened" is a tour-de-force of power and aggression, earning critical acclaim for its innovative musical style and thought-provoking lyrics. Aspiring drummers looking to push their limits and take on a challenging piece of music will relish the opportunity to try their hand at playing along with Ulrich's thunderous beats on this unforgettable track. So grab your drumsticks and get ready to unleash your inner rockstar with Lars Ulrich's electrifying drumming on "Blackened" by Metallica!

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