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Drum Sheet Music Description

The full drum sheet music for "Style" by Taylor Swift from the album 1989, released in 2015.

  • Format: Download (printable PDF)
  • Difficulty: Level 1 (out of 4)
  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Tempo: Slow
  • Pages: 2
  • Drummer:
  • Transcribed by: Pete Neville
  • Collections:  Beginners  |  Taylor Swift

Listen To "Style" by Taylor Swift

About "Style" by Taylor Swift

You'll love playing along to "Style" by Taylor Swift, one of her most popular songs from her Grammy-winning album 1989. This drum part features a slower version of the classic disco beat with the hi-hat played on the “&s.” The bass drum is the classic four-on-the-floor, with snare on beats 2 and 4. The Middle 8, before the final chorus, introduces some open hi-hat articulations. Whether you want to rock out or chill out, "Style" is a perfect choice for any drummer who wants to have fun and express themselves.

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