• Balancing the Hands - Swing

    This is an exercise designed to balance your hands through playing the jazz swing rhythm with either hand. In the first bar, the right hand leads, playing the rhythm on...
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  • The Groove

    We've all got that go-to beat that we play first every time we sit down at the kit. Here's my most recent go-to beat. For whatever reason, I've been attached...
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  • Ghost Lesson

    This lesson explores embellishing grooves with ghost-strokes. Starting with a foundational groove, each exercise adds more ghost strokes.
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  • Cool Tom and Snare Groove

    Tom grooves are cool. They can sound powerful, tribal, happy, you name it. This is a syncopated tom groove that was built by orchestrating a regular drum beat to the...
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  • Six Ghostly Beats

    Enjoy a collection of six drum beats using varying ghost stroke techniques to fill out the sound. After learning these, try adding ghost strokes to beats that already play. Note...
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Steve Ley playing drums on stage.
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